Wtórpol: Report and Media Relations

The theme of the second circulation of clothing is particularly close to one of our clients. Since there was no reliable study on the social awareness of textiles on the market, we proposed to create such material together with a research company and experts.

The report “Poles’ knowledge about clothing recycling” is a study presenting the level of knowledge of the Polish society about the recycling of clothing, as well as habits related to buying and disposing of clothes. It analyzes the attitudes of Poles toward ecological issues and reveals the motives behind their decisions.


A few words about the Client

Wtórpol is a company dealing with the introduction of clothing into the second circulation – annually it is over 84 million kilograms, i.e. 84 thousand tons! If Wtórpol had not taken care of these clothes, they would most likely end up in a landfill and become environmentally burdensome waste. The company obtains clothing from 60,000 containers located throughout the country. They are marked with the logo of the Eco Textil Foundation or PCK.

Eco Textil is a foundation that has been operating at Wtórpol for 10 years. Part of the profit from clothing processing goes to the foundation’s account, which allows it to achieve its statutory goals. The Foundation provides rehabilitation equipment to people in need, and runs an online rental of rehabilitation equipment and a network of over 230 stationary points where equipment can be rented free of charge.

Wtórpol also owns a network of large-area stores with second-hand clothes TekStylowo and an online store where you can buy good quality clothes at attractive prices.






Objectives and Challenges of the Project

The main goal of our activities was to create a reliable research report on Poles’ knowledge of the second circulation of clothing, consumer attitudes, and knowledge of ecological issues. We wanted information about the report to appear in many different sources, and the issues raised in the study itself – to become the subject of many discussions, both private and industrial ones. In addition, those interested in wanting to download the report left their e-mail on the dedicated website. Thus, we launched the lead generation process.

One of the challenges we encountered on our way was the proper organization of the entire project. Cooperation with Wtórpol covered all stages of the preparation of the report and its promotion in social and traditional media – so we had a lot to do!



Implementation of the Project

After proposing the idea for the report to the client, it was time to implement it. We were responsible for:

  • selection of a research company,
  • preparation of questions for respondents,
  • substantive development of the report,
  • graphic development of the report,
  • selection of experts commenting on the results of the study and contact with them,
  • communication of the report in social media,
  • communication of the report in traditional media.



It is worth noting that in addition to presenting the results of the quantitative study, the report has been enriched with valuable comments from experts. Comments on the results of the study were given by: Dr. Marta Karwacka, Senior Manager, Deloitte Sustainability Central Europe, Agata Szopińska and Piotr Barczak from the Polish Zero Waste Association, second-hand influencer Mateusz Leszczyński, eco-stylist Żaneta Sakowska and Jacob Buczynski, an upcycling designer.



Effects of our activities

Announcements about the results of the study were published in a dozen or so portals, including the most important Polish media – Forbes, Rzeczpospolita, Puls Biznesu, Onet.


puls biznesu

Puls Biznesu


Imperium Kobiet

Imperium Kobiet





We are very happy that the news about the material spread widely, both in the media and in public discussion. This shows that the topic of ecology and giving clothes a second life is important and is increasingly important to us. We encourage you to download the full report, where you will find more interesting statistics. You can find it at this link.