Talent Place: launch of services onto the market and promotion of the crowdstaffing idea

Goals that we have achieved in cooperation with and through the media:

  • Informing potential users of the platform about its existence.
  • Support in recruiting new employees for the Talent Place platform.
  • Making the platform a so-called “top of mind” platform in the crowdstaffing area, i.e., distancing the competition.


The crowdstaffing idea

The platform uses the idea of crowdstaffing. This innovative method involves bringing together mobile recruiters from all over the country. They are then commissioned with personalized projects.

HR specialists with the platform acquire applications from potential employees. They do this using social media and their own contact networks.

What distinguishes Talent Place from the competition is its greater effectiveness and operational efficiency. Also notable is the ability to reach a passive candidate (i.e., a person who has not even thought about changing jobs).


talent place


Trend development

Come Creations Group is up to date with the latest technological solutions. We actively support the development of trends that have the potential to revolutionize a given market segment.

Thanks to their collaboration with Come Creations Group, Talent Place came to be seen as a pioneer of the crowdstaffing idea in Poland. In fact, its recognition increased significantly.