Lovely: media relations and creative promotional product distribution for a crowdfunding campaign

Lovely is a Polish startup from Cracow that produces an intelligent erotic toy that generates suggestions and advice to improve the quality of the erotic life of couples.

The company obtained funds for development from an American crowdfunding campaign.

We managed to create a high-class product, but it is expensive and unknown to Polish users.


Communicate gently about embarrassing things

Our goal was to promote the Lovely crowdfunding campaign in the Polish media. Their campaign method has not been used so far – the issue of shares by Brokerage House Capital Partners SA.

Lovely’s plan was to raise 1.6 million PLN. The collected funds will help to create a cheaper product and develop the company.

We took up the challenge of promoting a sex-related product – a topic that is not easy for everyone. The client wanted to build the image of a premium brand with taste and without obtrusive promotion by bloggers or influencers.

We chose media that could create business-related publications about an interesting startup and those that deal with technological innovations. We sent promotional packages to 10 selected journalists, including the Lovely stimulation ring, a specially prepared and decorated cookie, and a short, handwritten letter.

Press releases were delivered by e-mail. The whole package was a “sweet, personalized package” to give the theme lightness. The cookie and the hand-made letter were to emphasize the individual approach to each shipment.




As a result of our activities, we obtained publications in planned business media, as well as the interest of technological media.

The client noted increased interest in the product and in the purchase of shares.