Jastrzębie Brewery: performance marketing

For Jastrzębie Brewery, we have conducted a media relations campaign (which you can read about here). We have also organized a performance marketing action connected to its stock issuance on the equity crowdfunding platform Beesfund.

What are the details of the project? You can find out about that below!


A few words about our client

It all started in 2013 when brewers from Jastrzębie received a gold medal during the homemade beer competition. As a company, Jastrzębie Brewery has been functioning since 2017.

Equity Crowdfunding action conducted in 2018 allowed for both the renovation and adaptation of buildings previously bought for the brewery and for the acquisition of brewing equipment.

Jastrzębian products appeared on the shelves of Carrefour and Kaufland in 2020. A year later Jastrzębie Brewery’s building was officially put into service.


browar jastrzębie



Our cooperation with Jastrzębie Brewery

We supported Jastrzębie Brewery’s stock issuance with a Facebook advertising campaign. We also undertook a dedicated mailing action.

Our main goal was to inform people about the equity crowdfunding campaign of Jastrzębie Brewery. We wanted to reach as many people potentially interested in investing in the company as possible.


browar jastrzębie

The most important data of the campaign:

  • Campaign term: 08.11.2018 – 31.01.2019
  • Total spent: 87.594 PLN
  • Reach: 1.461.988 people
  • Impressions: 7.556.805
  • Clicks: 191.560
  • CPC (per click): 0,46 PLN
  • Purchases: 3.156
  • Purchases conversion value: 1.575.767 PLN
  • ROAS: 17,99 PLN


Facebook advertisement: project realization

The advertisements we set up were adjusted for different target groups. Thus, we gained maximum efficiency from the advertisements.

For every ad, we created dedicated to text and graphics content. What’s more, our remarketing ads formed a strong foundation for the campaign.

These ads target groups that have previously visited either a fan page of Jastrzębie Brewery or their website.

The board of directors of Jastrzębie Brewery also organized their own webinars and participated in many brewing events all over Poland. Our task was to set up the advertising that informed the public about the webinars or a board member’s participation in beer festivals.

Additionally, we took care of replying to comments under the brewery’s posts or ads. In case of issues with the ad manager, we contacted the Facebook support team.


Works on the Facebook advertising campaign – summary:

● Creating the text for the advertisements
● Cooperation with Jastrzębie Brewery’s graphic designer in preparing graphical content
● Setting up ads for different target groups
● Setting up ads for remarketing purposes
● Conducting results analysis for the advertisements
● Replying to comments on the Facebook profile
● Contact with Facebook’s support team


Mailing: project realization

Our team also worked with Jastrzębie Brewery’s mailing that was sent out to the investors.

The mailing reminded receivers about the stock issuance. It also detailed the events organized by the brewery such as meeting with investors.


Works on mailing:

● Planning the timetable
● Creation and editing of the mailing database
● Creation of marketing content for the end of issuance and for events like webinars, meetings with investors, festivals.