hubraum: events, community building, media relations and social media

We handled selected projects such as 5G, Low Latency Program, and Internet of Things as part of the hubraum service.

Our work consisted mainly of organizing events to bring together communities from different countries interested in this subject.


Hubraum is a technology incubator owned by Deutsche Telekom. It operates in several European countries and supports young companies in developing their business.


Events and community building

Our agency was responsible for creating and animating a community of people interested in the Internet of Things and the implementation of the 5G network. Meetups, lectures, and presentation meetings connected the world of business investors with young, talented creators who founded their startups under hubraum’s care. All events promoted 5G technology and explained this solution in an easily understood way so that individuals and companies will use it.


The implemented activities helped connect Internet of Things enthusiasts. They also created a place to exchange experiences, knowledge, and visions regarding the technological and business development of the Internet of Things in Central and Eastern Europe.


For the project, we organized:

– 7 big events (Cracow, Bucharest, Bratislava, Zagreb, Warsaw, Cracow, and Athens)

– 15 local and foreign meetups.


In addition, we created a blog with proprietary, specialized content.



Social media

We also supported hubraum in social media by:

  • preparing graphics and content for posts,
  • building a committed community,
  • international advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Media Relations

We also supported hubraum by:

  • contacting with journalists,
  • preparing press releases,
  • preparing content for unique publications.


Thanks to our activities, many publications in the industry and local media have been created.


media hubraum

media hubraum
media hubraum
media hubraum

hubraum media

The hub:raum IoT event organized in Athens was also mentioned on the TV during the central news.