Hi’Shine: social media and creative campaigns

If we were to describe working with Hi’Shine Laundromats in one word, it would definitely be ‘creativity’ – both in the case of social media and blogosphere, as well as in the sphere of non-standard actions.

Hi’Shine Laundromats introduced an innovative washing and ironing service (devices for sending and receiving laundry at any time of the day). This all falls within the framework of the Smart Living idea.


Social media and blogosphere

Creating a Hi’Shine communication strategy was a task that required a holistic approach. We decided to involve entrepreneurs from all over Poland. We wanted to create a teaser that would interest them.


Cooperation with Hi’Shine Laundromats means:
● managing profiles on social networks (Instagram, Facebook),
● editing posts, answering inquiries, and moderating discussions on internet forums,
● analysis of the effects of undertaken actions,
● searching for new solutions in the area of Social Media and implementing the best and most beneficial practices,
● setting up promotional campaigns on the Facebook social network,
● … as well as creating creative Public Relations campaigns in cooperation with the media and influencers.


Creative Public Relations Campaigns


Label emojis

#Metkotikony is a combination of two Polish words ‘metka’ (label) and ‘emotikona’ (emoji).

We created dedicated pictograms similar to those found on clothing labels. Small cards were sent to Polish bloggers and journalists.

The response was amazing! We received a lot of thanks and photos on social media. The blogosphere praised our creative public relations strategy. After our communication project, Hi’Shine received many positive reviews, not only from journalists but also from regular customers.

This was a fun way to show what you can do with your free time when using Hi’Shine Laundromats.

Have you ever thought about the meaning of the symbols on clothes labels?


hi shine


Our PR campaign, which was also met with great interest. There’s been a positive response from both current and potential customers of the brand and the media.

What can you do with the ironing board if we no longer need it for ironing? After all, that’s why we have Hi’Shine Laundromats.

It’s a question that has many answers as a multitude of creative people start wondering about it. Surfboard? TV stand, or maybe a designer piece of furniture in the living room?


hi shine

hi shine