GeniCore: Communication for the Space Industry

The space industry, once accessible to only a few and concentrated in the hands of state space agencies, is now also open to private enterprises. Among them is GeniCore, which manufactures devices for producing materials used in the space industry.

In the spring of this year, the company won a tender from NASA. Anticipating increased media interest in this matter, GeniCore’s management reached out to us for advice and support in managing their press office and media relations.


A few words about the Client

The Polish brand GeniCore has been in existence for over a decade. It manufactures devices for material production using the Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) method. It provides one of the key technologies for the development and production of high-temperature materials. Such materials can be utilized in the space industry (e.g., for constructing thermal shields for spacecraft and rockets), as well as in the medical, defense, and automotive industries.

Recently, the company won a tender from NASA. This means that, as the first in Poland, it can boast its production of the latest generation SPS device supplied to the American space agency.



Objectives and Challenges of the Project

Projects related to space, although very interesting, are full of specific challenges. In this case, one of them was understanding and popularizing a complex subject, which involved, among other things, “translating” technology from the language of creators, for whom industry jargon or a plethora of technical details is natural, into the language of journalists and their audience. At the same time, communication had to meet the highest confidentiality requirements – omitting sensitive details, the disclosure of which could constitute a breach of industrial secrecy for any of the contractors, the confidentiality of the tender, or the principles of cooperation with NASA.




Implementation of the Project

During the project implementation, we focused on maximizing the potential of information about the collaboration with NASA to increase brand awareness and credibility. Our responsibilities included:

  • Building the expert image of the brand founders
  • Managing the press office
  • Handling communication on social media
  • Managing communication in traditional media


Effects of our activities

As a result of eight weeks of collaborative efforts, information about GeniCore’s collaboration with NASA appeared across all considered channels. These included social media, online platforms, print media, radio, and television. The materials were featured in outlets such as Spider’s Web, Rzeczpospolita, Program Pierwszy Polskiego Radia, and My Company Polska.





The culmination of our work was GeniCore’s presence in the industry-recognized program “Kijek w kosmosie”, broadcasted on TVN24.




Media inquiries as part of the press office support continued even after the campaign concluded. It’s essential to note that competition in the space industry is growing. Every company establishing its position in the industry should ensure proper communication from the outset of its activities.