Connectis: media relations

In half a year, we obtained nearly 200 texts on the outsourcing of IT specialists and education in programming, worth over 500,000 PLN.

The total reach of our publications for Connectis was 4 million.


How did we do it? Some will say that the success of a company’s communication depends on the topic. If the content is interesting, catchy, and up-to-date, the articles will prove very popular.

Of course, there is some truth to this, as every journalist wants something new.

What if the topic is not new and has already been looked at from various angles?
How do you make such a topic remain valuable to journalists so that they see its potential?

Our goal was to draw attention to the subject of programming education and the solution of outsourcing IT specialists.

Without a doubt, these are interesting topics. But they don’t arouse as much controversy and interest as, for example Bitcoin, or the deliberate slowing down of lower-generation iPhones.

However, we managed to play out the media communication of Connectis in such a way that all of Poland talked about their activities!


A holistic approach to the topic

The holistic approach allowed us to look at your topic subjectively again. Thanks to this, we noticed the issues that helped to gain the attention of the media, especially those with a large reach.

An example would be the following article for – “They gave up everything to become programmers. The company will pay them for it” – catchy title, right? It encourages you to read the entire material.





We communicated difficult topics in an accessible way

The topics you deal with are not light and easy to understand? Try to be as simple and clear as possible about them.
Many people can get scared by issues that are not strictly related to their industry. Think about how you would like them to be presented to you.


Examples of how we tried to interest the editors in a non-standard way:

● The programming profession is the most desirable profession in the world. How does this affect the modern labor market? Connectis experts’ opinion.
● Will the fact that more and more people are switching to IT affect IT studies? Interview with Connectis experts.
● Will IT courses soon replace five-year studies? Case study based on Connectis data.



The company couldn’t find developers, so … opened a school


Artificial intelligence is entering the labor market



Come Creations Group closed the year with an advertising equivalent for the Connectis company of over a HALF A MILLION PLN.

We had six months to do it!

This was enough time to prove our effectiveness and to show Poles how interesting the education of future programmers is. They could also see how dynamically and constantly the IT market shifts and changes.

Experience teaches us one thing: there are no difficult, incomprehensible, or uninteresting topics. It all depends on a creative, non-standard approach that goes beyond our comfort zone!