Synerise: media relations, activities in social media, organizing events

Synerise Marketing Cloud is an international company from Cracow. The company focuses on B2BC platforms based on business & ambient intelligence solutions.

Synerise is an honorary member of the Polish Association of Artificial Intelligence, co-creator of a best-selling book about e-marketing, and founder of the most recognizable and award-winning postgraduate studies (E- Marketing) and master’s studies (Digital Economy) at AGH University of Science and Technology.


During our cooperation, we supported the company in:

  • communication with the media,
  • activities in social media,
  • organizing events,
  • organizing their participation in fairs, conferences,
  • coordinating content marketing work.


Examples of activities:

Communication of the implementation of the omnichannel platform for Gino Rossi:

Organization of Marketing & Technology Congress for HG Intelligence (now Synerise) with PWN (Polish Scientific Publishers):

  • conference entirely devoted to the use of technology in marketing,
  • 170 participants,
  • dozens of media patronages and publications promoting the event.


Promotion of Beacon Valley Hackathon:

  • a 2-day event organized in cooperation with HG Intelligence (present Synerise) and at the hubraum headquarters in Cracow,
  • nearly 20 publications and several radio interviews,
  • 160 participants at the event.