Pora na Pola (Time for the Fields): media relations for a crowdfunding campaign

Our most important goal was to tell people about the next issue of the company’s shares on the Beesfund platform.

The coronavirus pandemic caused a crisis for many companies. It caused the closure of many shopping centers and other stores came to a standstill. As these were often the only sales channels for many businesses, this caused huge financial problems. Some even decided to close their business.

However, food shops that offered home delivery encountered a completely different reality.
We had the pleasure of caring for the promotion of an online store that offers healthy food. It is aptly named – Pora na Pola (Time for the Fields).


The food industry blossomed during the quarantine

Many of us, faced with the prospect of being quarantined and stuck at home for a long time, started to stockpile huge supplies of food. This began even before we received the official order not to leave the house without a valid reason.

The Internet was flooded with photos of empty store shelves. Yet, just the week before, there were huge amounts of rice, groats, or pasta.

At that moment, as many businesses began to experience a major crisis, the food industry flourished. It was unable to cope with such an increased demand for food products.

Online health food stores offering delivery straight to your door, have also become huge winners in this whole situation.


A few words about Pora na Pola (Time for the Fields)

The Pora na Pola online store operates on the border of two markets – e-grocery and the organic food market. Both markets are developing very dynamically – in Poland, year on year, there are increases of 15-20%.

The Pora na Pola company is growing many times faster. In addition, the market in which it operates is not fully developed.
The same industry in Western Europe is much more popular. Organic food accounts for 0.5% of sales in Poland, and 4% in Western Europe. These figures show the enormous potential for growth, especially for the farmers.

What sets the Pora na Pola store apart is the fact that it does not dictate to suppliers and producers the prices they can charge for their products. PnP suppliers have a lot of freedom to regulate the offer themselves.

This produces great results. If a farmer proposes too high a price, he simply will not find recipients for his goods. This mechanism allows you to build a free market under the umbrella of the Pora na Pola store.

The owners of PnP assume that they cooperate with enthusiasts – small farms – and that they deserve a decent reward for their quality product. This form of cooperation shortens the supply chain. It means that there are no wholesalers or other intermediaries between PnP and the supplier. So, Pora na Pola is able to provide decent wages for the farmers, while maintaining an acceptable final price for the customers.


Our cooperation with Pora na Pola (Time for the Fields)

Firstly, we conducted consultations with the client. This allowed us to define the goals of our activities.
One main goal was to promote the second issuance of shares on the crowdfunding platform. But that wasn’t the only goal.

The information is encapsulated in a variety of interesting threads. For instance, we looked at the situation of online food stores during the pandemic. Also, the e-grocery and health food market, as well as its position in the world.

The next step was to prepare a press release and distribute it to several different editorial categories. These included business, commerce, finance and economy, and startups.

Our activities around Pora na Pola focused on promoting both the brand itself and the entire e-grocery sector. We wanted to show the growing popularity of this industry, the benefits of using healthy food and having shopping delivered to our doors.

Our activities were also closely related to the second issue of Pora na Pola shares on the Beesfund platform. The response from both industry and business portals, as well as those writing about startups, exceeded our expectations!
The distribution of the press release had a great effect. The topic has attracted the attention of many diverse, widely read internet portals.


pora na pola



Online food market

The vision of our client and their method of operation proved to be of great interest to many industry portals. Interesting enough to write about it in a context other than the search for investors.

What companies such as Pora na Pola won when the coronavirus appeared is delivery of purchases to the door. Some portals wrote about our client in this context.


pora na pola


Other portals, such as Rzeczpospolita, pointed out that online stores with health food (and more!) are flooded with orders. The previously customary two- or three-day delivery times were now extended up to 45 days!



As a result of our work on portals about startups, trade, health food, finance, and economy, over a dozen articles with different profiles have appeared.

We are also very happy because the client received many new orders. They also acquired business partners that would be difficult to find without these publications.


Organic food is currently experiencing a surge in interest. We are very satisfied that we contributed to this in a small way with our work.