organizing a conference

In our agency, we deal not only with traditional PR. We also do more non-standard projects. We produce films, animations, make reports, produce webinars, support social media, as well as organize events.


And it was in this last area that we had the opportunity to demonstrate ourselves. We took part in the preparation and service of conferences for the company. operates in the real estate and new technologies industry. We invite you to learn the details of our endeavor.


conference investo tech

Conference “The Future of Real Estate” – a few words about the event

The conference was an event addressed to people already investing in real estate. It also catered to those thinking about diversifying their capital. The event further referenced new technologies, blockchain, and tokenization.

The conference took place in the heart of Warsaw. Guests had the opportunity to listen to interesting information from industry-recognized experts. These included Tomasz Stawiarz and Szymon Skrzypiec from, and Patryk Kempiński, a specialist in cryptocurrencies.


conference investo tech

During the event, the organizers shared their knowledge about investing in facilities around the world. They discussed the directions and trends in investing, presented the results of a newly created report, and spoke about several interesting projects.


Organization of the conference – it’s time to start preparing!

We started by creating a dedicated event page. For this, we created content, proposed the arrangement of the text, and the appearance of individual infographics.
The programmer working with our agency created a website based on refreshed client branding and shared materials.

We were responsible for the preparation of promotional elements, i.e., business cards, letterhead paper, cotton bags, pens, mugs, folders, leaflets, rollups. We prepared invitations to the event in both digital and paper form.

We contacted individual subcontractors to make the gadgets. Then we had to agree on the appearance of specific elements.


As part of the preparations for the conference, we contacted catering suppliers. We coordinated the performance of their services before and during the event.

We also visited the conference room to discuss the details of the event with a hotel representative.


Activities in traditional and social media

We prepared the content of posts promoting the event on social media. We posted on the event’s pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In addition, we posted the event information on Facebook groups for people interested in investing and the real estate industry.


As part of the conference promotion, we also obtained media patronage by inviting industry editors.


conference investo tech

Big day!

We arrived a few hours before the start of the conference. We prepared a stage, a reception desk, and welcome packages for all the guests.

We also checked technical elements that, as you know, like to play tricks. The sound system, projector, lights – we had to tie up all the loose ends.

Guests began to flock to the event, which began with a speech by Patryk Kempiński. The cryptocurrency specialist talked about why he thinks the blockchain industry will grow more than 30 times in the next 5 years. He also discussed in which industries it has the greatest application.

Szymon Skrzypiec, CEO of, talked about his first steps in the real estate market. He then highlighted the problems faced by people trying their hand at this industry.



In turn, Tomasz Stawiarz, COO of, presented the results of the report “Direction of development of the real estate industry”. The main objective of the study was to learn about investment trends in the real estate industry and the changes that have appeared in this market in recent years.

At the end of the event, a debate with experts took place. Participants discussed what will change in real estate in the coming years and what impact the development of technology, as well as progressive globalization, will have on these changes.

During the conference, journalists interviewed speakers and recorded video material for later publication.

The whole event was hosted by the CEO of our agency – Anita Kijanka.


Post-event actions

Before the conference, we prepared a press release on the future of the real estate industry and investment trends.

We sent this out to the media just after the conference.

The interest of the editors resulted in many publications. Our client even received proposals to record for a television station.



Taking part in the event was a great opportunity to get acquainted with interesting trends in the real estate market.

We were able to get to know the experts more closely and expand our network of contacts.

Gaining inspiration and new acquaintances among an elite group is priceless.