One2tribe: media relations, organizing events

One2tribe is a capital group and is the only one of its kind in Poland (and one of a few in the world). For the last 17 years they’ve combined their experience working on projects for large corporations with entertainment and social projects.


One2tribe’s key solution is a motivational platform that combines technology and behavioral psychology. They have received international awards and distinctions such as Nexon Initiative, IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, and VivaTech. Currently, 50,000 people use its tools every day.


Strong entry

We started working with One2tribe in October 2018. The subject was simply phenomenal – the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE. One2tribe’s project was one of the few European entries selected to take part in the international competition.

XPRIZE is a dedicated competition exclusively for breakthroughs in science. It’s due to this competition that the first private flights into space took place!


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The CEO of One2tribe, Wojciech Ozimek, talked about the company’s project for WP Tech. He also provided interviews for INNPoland, MamBiznes, and Artur Kurasiński.

In addition, the viewers of Paweł Rożyński’s program – Rzecz o biznesie (The thing about business) – heard all about the business’s development and their successful transition from the gaming industry to incentive systems.


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One2tribe’s European expansion

One2tribe technology has been successfully operating on the domestic market for a long time. So, their expansion to other countries was only a matter of time.
The One2tribe team visited seven European countries, where they presented a solution for employee motivation to an international audience. These events were a consequence of long-term cooperation with Microsoft and an introduction to further strategic activities.

We were responsible for coordinating the teams’ trips to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Bulgaria.
We contacted the organizers and local Microsoft partners. We also set the catering menu served during meetings and invited local companies to the events.
The many guests, questions, and new contacts resulted in numerous inquiries about the company’s solution.


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Cooperation with pharmaceutical media

One2tribe provides incentive solutions that are useful in every industry. For example, they are also perfect for the medical sector.
Our task was to interest dedicated media in the One2tribe technologies, supporting the work of medical representatives and enabling effective therapy of chronic diseases.

We started our cooperation with the editorial offices by positioning an expert, Radosław Marter. Radosław has been associated with pharmaceuticals for 20 years.
We offered the media many interesting topics. As a result, the specialist’s articles spread around the pharmaceutical world like hotcakes.

We discussed topics related to the controllability of sales of medical representatives, the transformation of their work system, and technology that supports patient therapy. We also discussed the process of introducing new organizational systems.



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Many editorial offices wrote about the innovative solutions. These included Pharmaceutical Representative, World of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and Evereth News.

The expert also spoke at the PCI Days Pharma & Cosmetic Industry event. He talked about the challenges that pharmaceutical companies face when implementing CRM systems and other digital solutions.

Further, MIT Sloan Management Review Polska published statements by the CEO of One2tribe, Wojciech Ozimek, on how gamification changes health care.


Cooperation with media dealing with the subject of management and HR

The One2tribe solution has also received wide publicity in the management and HR media. Cooperation with the Personnel and Management magazine began with the publication of an article (the cover story!).

This addressed issues related to agile motivation and ways to reduce stress at work. They also published a text on what motivates employees need to achieve the goals set by the management board.

We also took care of the presence of experts in the magazine Personel Plus. This article discussing how technologies can change HR and business was published – currently, without introducing novelties it is difficult to acquire employees and develop your company.

The need to implement changes and business development can also be read in the prestigious Harvard Business Review Polska.


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Business and HR media were equally interested in the People Power accelerator, co-founded by the CEO of One2tribe. The creation of this new project and its further fate was written about by editorial offices such as, MŚBiznes, and HRPolska.

The real icing on the cake was the visit of the One2tribe CEO to the studio. Here Wojciech Ozimek speaks about effective motivation and rewarding employees. He also gives comments on current events.


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Cooperation with retail and sales media

Our next task was to reach the media dealing with sales and retail. We presented the editorials with several topics and short contexts of possible materials. The resulting interest exceeded our wildest expectations!

First, there were publications in the magazine Nowa Sprzedaż and MŚBiznes. These dealt with issues related to the challenges of the retail industry, bonuses and sales competitions for salespeople, and the transfer of knowledge in distributed retail chains.


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Other activities with One2tribe

Our activities with One2tribe aren’t just focused on creating the image of experts in the media. We also work creatively in other areas.

Urszula Rudzka-Stankiewicz discussed future work trends at the premiere event during Venture Cafe. Urszula is also one of the interviewees of our new project – Strong in IT podcasts.


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Our tasks also include updating the company’s blog and coordinating the One2tribe team’s participation in events such as Microsoft Innovation Summit, and HR Innovations.

We help with the preparation of graphics and promotional materials, and the selection of stands and equipment. We are responsible for logistic issues and ongoing contact with the organizers.


Phew, that’s a lot! What is our secret to successful cooperation? In all activities, we focus on specifics and provide valuable knowledge.