Biogo SA: media relations and creative promotional product distribution for a crowdfunding campaign

How can you maintain a leadership position in the e-commerce industry and effectively launch an equity crowdfunding campaign during a pandemic? How can you reach the media and recipients despite the difficult period?

Get to know the case study – the effects of our cooperation with Biogo SA. It shows how effective communication in the field of PR is possible, regardless of the situation.


About the client

Biogo SA is a leader in the bio food e-commerce industry in Poland. It is the fastest-growing health food store in Central and Eastern Europe.
Biogo’s range is wide: from natural products, through vegan ones, to alternative products. Biogo is also a chain of physical stores, which additionally function as professional dietary centers.



It is worth noting that Biogo’s mission is much more than offering dedicated, healthy products. First of all, the company’s activity is based on the promotion of a lifestyle in line with ecology and nature.
Biogo inspires, motivates, and teaches also, thanks to its expert blog. It offers knowledge about healthy eating, original recipes, natural care, and dietary advice.


Objectives and challenges of the project

The main goal of our communication activities was to inform people about the equity crowdfunding campaign of Biogo SA. This took place in cooperation with the Beesfund platform.

Our task was to reach the largest group of people possible who might be interested in the topic. So, we informed them about the company’s operations, the development of the bio food industry, and the trends that will win the sector over the next few years.

Thanks to our communication activities, many people who are close to the topics of bio food, e-commerce, and investing learned about Biogo.



source: customer’s materials


Project implementation and challenges

We carried out a creative promotional product distribution to 20 journalists from business, food, lifestyle, and women’s editorial offices. In the surprise packages, journalists found products from the Biogo range which are very popular among customers.

During the implementation of the project, various logistical issues arose. The delivery of parcels and difficulty contacting journalists due to the pandemic turned out to be a challenge.

For us, however, nothing is impossible! The entire course of the creative promotional product distribution, as well as reaching the media, was a complete success.

The next step was to contact journalists – both those who received the package and many other editorial offices to which we sent press releases. We made a thorough follow-up, during which we discussed the activity of Biogo SA, the issue of shares, as well as trends in the world of organic food.

We maintained a good relationship with journalists all the time. Even if the editorial office was not interested in the topic at the time, we established contacts for the future with the vision of other publications in mind.


The effects of our actions

The creative promotional product distribution resulted in numerous publications, incl. on CrowdNews, BioKurier, Ecoportal, Kierunek Spożywczy, Handel Extra, and My Company Polska.

In the case of the last title, the journalist also asked for a dedicated statement by the president of the company on their activity for the paper edition of the magazine.


media biogo

source 1, source 2


Other publications resulted from maintaining good relations with the media. Thanks to our efforts, articles were published on such portals as Comparic, Newseria Biznes, Serwis Spożywczy, and

The Biogo expert also gave an interview for Polskie Radio on eco food.


media biogo



We are glad that information about the activities and mission of Biogo has spread so widely. The most important thing for us is always customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our commitment and the results achieved, Biogo decided to continue cooperation on another project.