Blizzard is back! Our (subjective) impressions of the Diablo IV beta.

At CCG, we are not only observers of new developments in the new technology market, but we also follow the game market closely and test games as soon as possible. That’s why when we read that Blizzard is opening a beta version for players, we couldn’t pass by the topic and had to play and share our impressions with you.

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A classic awaited for years

If you have never played Diablo, I owe you a brief reminder of what the game is and why it has gained a cult following (although for a while it became the subject of unfunny jokes).
In the world of computer games, Diablo is one of those series that, despite the variables, has survived for many years and continues to gain new fans. The first part of the game appeared in 1996, and the second and third in 2000 and 2012. Statistically, it is one of the most popular game series in the history of computer games. In fact, from the beginning, its phenomenon was that the game offered addictive gameplay while being simple and intuitive. The eye-pleasing magical and dark graphics, mysticism, well-balanced difficulty and variety of items that could be obtained made the game popular not only among RPG fans but also among players who were just starting out. Users were so eager to own unique items – armor, swords, shields, runes that often their prices on platforms such as allegro reached dizzying sums.

And while the first editions actually wowed all gamers undeniably, Diablo III has already turned out to be a market flop. The media published reports claiming that Blizzard had lost almost half of its players since 2017. Many predicted the imminent end of the developer, and fans treated the new edition as a not-so-funny joke. The company, in order to get back on its feet, had to act to avoid falling into oblivion. Today, after almost ten years after the release of Diablo III, players are eagerly awaiting the new installment of the series – Diablo IV, which is already at the beta stage and has proved to be a market hit.

Diablo IV – a back to the roots?

The developers of Diablo, namely Blizzard Entertainment, in preparing a new version of the classic, have decided to return to the roots of the series. The game is to be darker and more brutal than the previous parts, and the game world is to be expanded and improved. Players will be able to play one of three character classes: barbarians, druids, or wizards. As in previous installments, Diablo IV will be an action RPG, and players will be able to explore an open world, fight enemies and acquire new items.

According to the developer, Diablo IV is an extraordinary role-playing game with action elements that provides an unforgettable experience and many hours of gameplay. An endless number of challenges await you in this game – you have to face an army of demons, master countless skills, traverse nightmarish dungeons, and acquire legendary loot. You can take on the challenge alone or together with friends, depending on your preference. Whichever path you choose, a fascinating world awaits, where you can trade and join forces with other players to defeat powerful bosses, as well as compete with others in PvP mode and prove your skills in battle.

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Diablo IV – our review

In our opinion, Diablo IV has already become a worthy successor to Parts I and II, dethroning them by virtue of its graphics, storyline, character customization, and global challenges 3 months before its official release. This version is expected to satisfy fans’ expectations and bring the long-awaited return to the roots. There are many indications that Blizzard has already returned to its former position as a leader in the RPG genre. The game attracts not only with its gorgeous, dark scenery but also with its immersive and expansive open-world gameplay. And we must admit that the graphics are really impressive – so much so that players reported an unusual problem when the beta opened – it was written that Diablo IV burns up graphics cards. In fact, we were also forced to dismantle one of the components of the case, but this did not stop us from further exploration of the world of Sanctuary.

We were also fascinated by the game’s open world. The developers have opted for more freedom to move through the dangerous lands and want the player also to have control over what he does and what goals he sets for himself. Such a solution allows us to explore different locations, interact with other players (whom we meet on our way) and fight bosses and enemies.
Also worth noting is the character development system, which has always been one of the most important elements in the Diablo series. The developers announced that the fourth part of the game introduces a number of new skills and an improved development tree, which will allow us to customize the character to the player’s individual preferences. Importantly, we can refund purchased skills and use the recovered points for other skills.
Finally, the authors’ intention was for Diablo IV to become a platform where players can compete and cooperate with each other. This is sure to attract many new players who are looking for interesting challenges and who want to be part of the Diablo community, especially since the game offers crossplay, that is, players of all platforms struggle on one server. So it will not be a problem for us, for example, owning a PS5 to play with a friend who has a PC.

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In conclusion, the fourth part of the Diablo series is a game that promises to be a big hit, which has been long awaited and needed not only by Blizzard but also by millions of players around the world.