SEO Copywriting – How to Write Good Texts?

SEO copywriting is the ability to create interesting and valuable content for various websites. This is done in line with the needs of the client and readers, as well as the media.


Content created by the principles of SEO copywriting should convey issues important to the client (e.g. informing about the benefits of using the product), and be attractive to the reader while providing the necessary knowledge.


It is very important that the created materials be adapted to the requirements of internet search engines which enable searching given texts in organic results, not in paid ads.


SEO copywriting allows you to reach a wide group of both regular and potential customers provided that it is properly thought out and prepared. How can this be done? Below, we present the 10 most important principles of writing texts for SEO requirements.


seo copywriting

General Concept and Vision of the Text

Before starting to write, we should answer the following questions:

  • What do we want to convey in our text? What main messages should be in it?
  • What is the purpose of writing this text? For example, we want to increase sales, increase website traffic, inform about an interesting event, and convey important educational content.
  • Who is our message for? What is the age of the potential recipient of the content, what knowledge does he/she have and what would they like to know?
  • Where will we place the material? On the blog, company homepage, industry portal, or social media?


SEO Copywriting: Keyword Selection

When choosing keywords, we can use, for example, the free tool Keyword Planner Google. It is an intuitive tool that will tell us whether the keywords we have selected are searched for, with what frequency, and with what competition.

When creating a text, it is worth remembering both short-tail phrases (e.g. houses in Warsaw) and long-tail phrases (e.g. houses for sale in Warsaw Sadyba). However, it is best to focus on more precise phrases as they are less competitive and easier to the position. The selected keywords should appear several times in the text but in a natural way. It’s also good if they appear in the first paragraph and the headings.


Interesting Message

Optimizing for search engine robots is important as well as attracting and maintaining reader interest. Therefore, at each stage of creating a text, we should remember to whom the message is dedicated and what we want them to remember after reading the material.

The lead should be engaging and informative about what information will follow and why readers want to continue reading. Leads should be interesting and show solutions in a given industry and important numbers along with other data.


Text Formatting

Properly dividing text and highlighting its most important points definitely makes for easier reading and helps the reader to remember your message. Good formatting is also useful for search engine robots because it is easier for them to analyze the text. Therefore, it is important to include the headings H1, H2, and H3 to help scoring the most important issues, etc.


SEO Copywriting: meta descriptions and Tags

When completing the meta description, title, and ALT tags, remember to add keywords, refer to the content, and use catchy phrases. Meta descriptions are visible in the search engine. These could determine whether someone clicks on your material.


seo copywriting

Description example


Additional materials influencing the attractiveness of the Message

When creating texts, remember to add interesting graphics, photos, and videos. This will make your site even more attractive.


SEO Copywriting: Internal Links

Placing internal links to other texts on a given page helps in creating high-quality link building, which also has a good impact on organic positioning. Additionally, internal linking may lead the reader to other related material.


seo copywriting

Example of internal links in our client’s article on the portal INFOR


Appropriate Text Length

A blog post should be of different lengths depending if it is for a social media post, product description post, or one for an online store. A dozen or so pages of text, even if the message is very interesting, can simply tire the reader and cause them to go elsewhere. On the other hand, texts that are too short may be considered too general for the topic.

In practice, blog texts should be no more than 3,500 characters including spaces and more specialized texts should not be longer than 7,000 characters including spaces.


Proofreading of Texts

The finished text should be checked by another person – preferably a second copywriter. Another person may notice missed stylistic, content, or punctuation errors.


Content Update

Search engine robots and readers like current content. Therefore, if there are new reports, updates on a given topic, or news about the industry, it is worth updating the information. Certainly, the algorithms and readers will appreciate it.



SEO copywriting is a relatively cheap way of reaching current and new customers when compared to traditional forms of advertising in the media. Once created, the material can serve as a reference or it can be used on blogs and other social media. We approach advertising in a well-thought-out way from the very beginning.

If you care about professional materials – please contact us. Our copywriters create tailor-made texts – both for the needs of the brand, its clients, and search engines. Before beginning a project, we carefully analyze the client’s activity and industry trends. This helps us produce material that is interesting and of high quality.