Employer Branding: Why is it so Important?

Nowadays, organizations face many challenges due to intense market competition. The potential of employees who work in an organization holds great importance in building the company’s position. Employer branding comes in handy here. McKinsey & Company first described this phenomenon in 2001, and it has accompanied us since then, taking various forms.


What is Employer Branding?

This concept can be defined as the company’s activities to create the image of the desired employer. Employer branding aims to build a coherent and positive image of the company to attract new employees and retain the current ones.

We can distinguish between internal and external types of employer branding, depending on the target group.


Internal Employer Branding

Internal employer branding (EB) addresses the current staff of a given organization. The activities build employee loyalty and create a sense of pride in being part of the company. As a result, employer branding activities translate into increased efficiency and improved work culture. EB also focuses on creating a friendly atmosphere and numerous development opportunities. Internal communication plays a huge role here in the key to success. It builds trust among employees, helps carry out the entrusted tasks more effectively, and facilitates decision-making processes.


Employer Branding



External Employer Branding

Internal values should also be applied outside. We are talking about relations between a given organization and candidates that create the image of an attractive employer. How can you achieve this? First – by being cooperative. That includes participation in job fairs, active company promotion (at universities, for example), as well as appropriate advertisements for job offers for a target group. Properly conducted recruitment processes are also essential, and so is providing potential employees with feedback on their candidacy.


Is Employer Branding Important for Your Company?

Is it worth investing money and resources to create the image of the desirable employer? In our opinion – yes, the benefits of maintaining a positive employer branding are worth it.
According to data on beamery.com, as many as 59% of surveyed business owners believe building the employer’s image is key to the overall HR strategy.

Creating a solid employer brand greatly benefits your own company’s development, both in retaining and recruiting employees. It allows you to attract talent and thus gain an advantage over the competition. According to TalentNow (at startupbonsai.com), 50% of potential candidates will not work for a company with notoriety. Caring for the staff also reduces turnover and allows you to build a well-coordinated team. A strong team and good work atmosphere foster innovative ideas, resulting in company development and subsequent financial benefits.

Such a strong team also influences the employer’s brand and builds authenticity. Positive external employer branding portrays the company as a friendly place worth working for. Current employees can also recommend their workplace – which translates into acquiring valuable people. According to data presented on startupbonsai, a strong employer brand results in about 2.5 times more job applicants!

In addition, it increases the customers’ trust in the entire company. If a company provides a good working environment, it attracts people who want to support it. According to CareerArc statistics, 64% of your customers will stop buying from your company if they hear about employee mistreatment.


Employer Value Proposition

Here we answer the vital question of what is an Employer Value Proposition. In short – it is a set of distinguishing values or a unique offer that an employer gives to its employees.


Employer Branding



Where to Start?

According to statistics included in the report The Ultimate List of Employer Brand Statistics For Hiring Managers, HR Professionals, and Recruiters, created for LinkedIn Talent Solutions, the three best places to develop your employer brand are:

  • Your company’s website (69%),
  • Professional internet networks (61%),
  • Social media (47%).

What if you do not know which communication channels are best or how to use them?

People “on the outside” can look at the entire situation from a new, fresh perspective, supporting you with new ideas. Our agency has many years of experience, and we help build images of companies like yours. If you have any questions – please do not hesitate to contact us!

We will help you decide and build a strong image. Thanks to that, your company will be successful in the market.


Employer Branding – examples of activities in Come Creations Group agency

In our agency, we keep our finger on the pulse – we take part in industry discussions, comment on current events, give statements to the media, and run a blog and corporate social media.


One of the examples of our employees’ activity is writing expert texts for various websites. Our PR Director created the material Communication of new technologies in 2022. The biggest challenges for Security Magazine (the material is available here).


security magazine

Our PR Specialist wrote the text Does eCommerce has a chance to become ECOcommerce? which was published in Forbes. The material discussed the topic of online shopping and whether it could be more ecological – currently e-commerce is known as one of the least ecological businesses, thanks to the carbon footprint it generates. The article is available here.



We regularly run our corporate blog, where we publish industry texts, case studies from our work, and articles on topics that are helpful to our clients.


social media


We also post entries on our social channels. In the posts, we inform about the agency’s activities, and projects for individual clients and we share our knowledge.


social media

Thanks to all these activities, we send a signal that we are willing to cooperate and know what we do 🙂