Why should you post on your social media regularly?

Marketing methods for promoting a brand are constantly changing. Until a few years ago, physical advertising was the dominant method. For example, businesses would have roll-ups in stores or hand out leaflets. Today, many companies are moving their activities to the Internet, as it offers many more opportunities. Thanks to online advertising, you can reach a much wider target group and be more effective in promoting your business.


Why you should care about regularity on social media?

Regularity is the key to good social media management. By sticking to a certain routine, the company builds its credibility. In this way, you take care of advertising and create more interest in your services. By publishing posts regularly, customers know they can expect new content in a given period of time.

Contact with current and potential recipients of your content is extremely important. As statistics show:

  • 39% of users follow a fan page to receive a dedicated offer.
  • 57% of consumers declare that social media influences their purchasing process. 44% of the same respondents described Facebook as the most influential platform.
  • 26% of people who responded to the advertising message purchased the product.

Source: https://verseo.pl/jak-ścic-fanpage-firmowy-na-facebooku/


Regular social media posts – what should you remember?

Regularity consists of several important components.

1. Plan your posts

It’s preferable to plan your posts in advance. This way, you will be sure that you have new content to share on a given day. In addition, the planned content will be thought out and checked. This prevents situations where social media posts contain typos, spelling, or stylistic errors! It is worth remembering that the appearance and content of posts affect how others perceive the company.


regularity on social media

2. Have a timetable

When planning your posts, it’s a good idea to consider scheduling publication dates. Should an informative series be published regularly at a given time? To answer this, it is worth examining the statistics of the social media company’s page. Check to see what times and days they experience the highest traffic.

You can always check these statistics online. For example, research says that the best times to post on Facebook are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 am to 11 am. For Instagram, it’s Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays around 11 am. It is worth planning what you want to post on a certain platform and noting everything.


regularity on social media

3. Interact with the audience

In addition to regular posts, you should also remember the importance of aftercare. Getting in touch with your followers is fundamental in building relationships and creating a community. As the saying goes, “fine feathers make fine birds”. Customers are more likely to recommend businesses if they have a positive association with them. Offering support and answering their questions shows users that you care about them. As a result, they are more likely to remember your company.

Interacting with followers can lead to interesting discussions and interesting conclusions. Additionally, such action increases the engagement and popularity of the posts. Thanks to this, the post will be displayed to more people, which translates into advertising.



In creating a communication plan, it is worth using tools that will significantly improve the entire process. There are many alternatives on the market today that will allow you to plan posts ahead of time. Applications such as Planoly or Preview for Instagram allow you to set the date for automatic publication.

When creating a communication strategy, remember that trends are always changing in this ever-changing reality. It is worth observing the market and adapting your activities to its requirements. Look for your own strategies, test new ways to promote your business. All these elements will enable you to be more effective.